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Dreams And Dragons

Dreams And Dragons

What do you see within your world?
Are dreams of kings and queens unfurled?

Do dragons of the night appear,
And make your heart beat fast with fear?

Are monsters of the night before,
Revealed as clothes hung on the door?

Is that huge, great world outside,
A place of fear, from which you hide?

Can you know the love we feel?
Can you decide what’s false, what’s real?

Well if I hold you very close
And tell you I love you the most

Then nuzzle in your tiny form
To feel you close and keep you warm

Then gently squeeze your little hand
Will it help you understand?

That whatever may come your way
There’s something that will always stay

And it will help you as you grow
To lose your fears, because you’ll know

That always there’ll be someone who
Will slay the monsters. Just for you

Then send the dragon back off home
And hold you when you feel alone

Then make you smile when you feel sad
Who else but your Mum and Dad?

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