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In Love You Know

In Love You Know

Love when you look at me. You know, you know
I see eternity. You know, you know
That it’s a beautiful thing to be
In love.

There is no need to say. You know, you know
The words don’t work that way. You know, you know
It is the feelings that get stronger every day
In love.

You are my everything. You know, you know
When storms are gathering. You know, you know
You hold my hand and I don’t cry, I rise and sing
In love.

Only thing that scares me is the thought of losing you
Every time you hold me tight the light of love shines through
How can I thank you? Little words like that won’t do
So I just love you. Yeah, I love you

I only need to see your face. You know, you know
And I go to a distant place. You know, you know
It is so far beyond this tiny time and space
It’s love.

It is so far beyond this tiny time and space.
It’s love.

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