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Come Away With Me

'Where dreams are born, where spirits play,
take my hand and come away'

Karen May ©2004

Flying School

'They fall, they trip, they laugh, they cry,
they spread their wings and learn to fly'

Karen May ©2001

Free Spirit

'At the rainbows end, where spirits fly,
in dreams of love and lullabies'

Karen May ©2003

Little Flora

'Like a tiny butterfly, reaching for the sun,
Little Flora dances high on life and love and fun'

Karen May ©2004

Love In The Dark

'In the darkest of times, love shines'

Karen May ©2003

Summer Flurry

'What I saw and what I know,
from somewhere, sometime, long ago'

Karen May ©2001

The Dreamkeeper

'On the Bridge of Hope, by a gentle stream,
she patiently stands and awaits your dream'

Karen May ©2004

The Finders

'What was lost will be found,
to be kept safe and sound'

Karen May ©2001

Too Many Tears

'Too many tears to see the light,
or the beauty revealed by the shadow of night'

Karen May ©2005

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