Karen May Songs, Art & Poetry


You're free to take the life I gave you,
I can't save you any more.
The floor fell through and you just went,
Spent my hope,
Doped and dreary,
Weary of it all,
The fall was sweet,
Almost complete,
Except for me,
See I'm still standing,
Handing out my soul,
The dole for your despair,
Care not the cost,
For lost and blind,
You cannot find, the light,
I might jump too,
But who will save the rest?
Not me, my best,
Has brought us here,
This fearful ledge, this screaming edge,
Has always been, within this scene,
Poking, joking, choking who I am,
The most I can provide as evidence,
Is this immense,
Array of scars,
This cage, these bars,
Where hope was jailed,
I failed.

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