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Common Purpose

Common Purpose

Make it known
All we’re shown
This is duty
There’s no beauty
In such pain
There’s no gain
Just a dread
In your head
Of what may
Come today
Not a clue
What or who
Only sure
There is more
And sometimes
In our minds
All is dark
And a stark
Need to rest
And it breaks
And attempts
Sheer contempt
At the truth
Lacking proof
Where it lives
But it is
Always there
With despair
In a veil
Of betrayal
In the mind
Of mankind
But for some
It becomes
But a cage
With a page
To be filled
Not at will
But with power
Not from our
Own emotions
But oceans
In the air
Filled with prayer
Filled with song
Some belong
To recall
For us all
And for us
Those who must
Bring together
All whoever
Has a mind
Yet to find
Their own way
How to say
“This is me
I am free
To explore
What I’m for
I’ve been there.”
This is where
We are one
We’ve begun
Something deep
Like a sleep
Where we dream
What has been
Part of each
And we teach
How we live
How we give
How we take
How we make
Up our minds
With our blind

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