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The Shroud

The Shroud

As your story ends
As nature sends
The subtle signs
Divided lines
The summer haze
The glory days
Are shadows, dust
Now all you trust
Is naked truth
Relentless proof
That all must end
The bones that bend
In homage to
What life gave you
This twisted bark
These thoughts so dark
They shroud the light
That once beamed bright
And through those eyes
The terror cries
But rage is gone
It won’t be long
Just, “when?” and “how?”
Consume you now
This one thing left
To be bereft
Of all you know
To let it go
To stop, to cease
But oh, the peace
The whispered breath
The love of death
Don’t be afraid
For you were made
To travel there
It’s everywhere
And you will sing
The rhapsody
Of life set free
Of life made whole
Eternal soul

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