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Trust Me

Trust Me

This is, no place to be
Well, not willingly
It’s not what I chose
But the product of those
Who I thought had vocation
But my indignation
Reveal how it is
What vocation does this?

This is not, who I am
But the whim, of a man
In an arrogant gown
Led me up, let me down
Where I have no reproach
Half-drunk glass and a roach
As a buffer, a prop
While I pray this will stop

This is not, what he said
But a mess in my head
Borne from pride and a pill
He prescribed me this ill
But he gave me no clue
As to what this might do
No respect for my choice
No respect for my voice

This is, terrible fear
No control left in here
This is something to learn
How perspectives can turn
When I gave him my trust
Not for ‘want’ but for ‘must’
It’s believing he’d care
It is utter despair

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