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I've been recording my songs for many years and some of the older recordings were on very basic equipment, so I've put the songs in subject groups and graded them for recording/mix quality:

= Mixed.
= Sketchpad Recording. You have been warned!
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Energy is infinite. Our thoughts, our feelings are measurable bursts of energy. Once upon a time, long ago, maybe we knew and understood this?

Cradle To Grave


Feel (refuse to hurt each other)

Because it's time.

I know it isn't always easy. (I can loose my rag in spectacular fashion, but I always regret it.)

Find You

One day I won't be around anymore, but I still want to be able to touch those I love if times get dark.

In Love You Know

It's Alright

Leave Me Alone

Bullies share the same characteristics whether they are family, friends, colleagues or the establishment. What they fear most is to be exposed and devalued.



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