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Dreams And Dragons


If you're lucky enough to have one, never forget how lucky you are.

Feel (refuse to hurt each other)

Because it's time.

I know it isn't always easy. (I can lose my rag in spectacular fashion, but I always regret it.)

Find You

One day I won't be around anymore, but I still want to be able to touch those I love if times get dark.

Flying School

'They fall, they trip, they laugh, they cry,
they spread their wings and learn to fly'

Karen May ©2001

Fools Paradise

Free Speech

Free Spirit

'At the rainbows end, where spirits fly,
in dreams of love and lullabies'

Karen May ©2003

Funny Farm

Dee Dee ©2004


Hello Reader


Home Sweet Home - Lazy Ginger Cat

Karen May ©2004

Home Sweet Home - Pink Cottage

Karen May ©2004


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