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In Love You Know

Sometimes, souls seem to joined for all eternity.

It's Alright

Nothing ever really ends.

Leave Me Alone

Bullies share the same characteristics whether they are family, friends, colleagues or the establishment. What they fear most is to be exposed and devalued.



Lilac Alphabet

Karen May ©2004

Little Flora

'Like a tiny butterfly, reaching for the sun,
Little Flora dances high on life and love and fun'

Karen May ©2004

Love In The Dark

'In the darkest of times, love shines'

Karen May ©2003

May I?

Mothers' Love

Dee Dee ©2004


Publishing Rights

Punch Drunk

This life can be frustrating, relentless and totally unjust. Sometimes people need to be allowed the space to stop battling, let it go and cry. It's part of regrouping and finding new strength.

Slowly Leaving Me

Small Talk

Some Days

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