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Slowly Leaving Me

Slowly Leaving Me

You were so strong.
You held the crowd.
With animated antics,
So sure, so bold, so proud.

You always had an answer.
Nothing had you beat.
All life was a challenge,
You never knew defeat.

Mischievous and cunning.
I could not help but smile.
Even on those darker days,
Your magic would beguile.

Slowly though, the cracks appeared,
Just a little sign.
The absence of expected wit,
Too subtle to define.

The odd, revealing, weary sigh,
The eyes, not quite so clear.
Just beneath the sparkle,
A fleeting glimpse of fear.

Feeling that I should reach out.
Sensing you might fall.
Not out here, but in your head.
A silent, “Save me.” call.

Hoping I could say the words,
To comfort what we knew.
Wanting you the way you were
Yet knowing this is you.

Wishing you could stay the same.
Remembering the past.
All that you had been to me,
Was fading far too fast.

I see that you can’t hear so well.
I hear the way you see.
Inevitable bravery.
For what you know must be.

For all the times you picked me up.
For all the love that grew.
For all the times you dried my tears.
Can I be there for you?

The hand that held mine trembles.
You gaze away too long.
Now it’s my time to hold you up.
It’s my time to be strong.

Your eyes caught mine, no words were said,
And yet we understood.
Wanting to ignore the truth.
Wishing that we could.

But time will take no prisoners.
And no love comes for free.
I feel the sting as I accept.
You’re slowly leaving me.

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