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See me - I'm unknown
Grown up as such
With too much 'head stuff'
Rough edges maybe
But daily it spews
Views and perspectives
Selected thought
Caught and screaming
Meaning something
One thing stands clear
Fear of pointlessness
This mess of my compulsion
Revulsion at my state
These great ideals
Feel so lonely
Only more in prospect
I elect to whore the same
Insane ramblings
Gambling with my time
Fine, if I could play
The way I should
I would be brave
I'd save myself
My health, my art
I'd cart us 'round
Until I'd found that place
The face of all we are
A far off sum
The one great deal
Would feel like what?
Not all I need
Just greed of sorts
Thoughts at a price
Nice if you can get it
But I don't.

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